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Powdered Organic Cacao

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Small 150g bag approx. 10-15 serves depending on your preferred dose. 

Sacred Cacao

Our ceremonial cacao is sourced ethically from its native habitat in Peru through a cooperative of local and farmers who practice sustainable, organic and traditional harvesting of the sacred Theobroma Cacao plant.
The spiritual energy of the plant begins from cultivation of the pod and is honoured right through to harvest and is then packaged with love and positive intention. Our cacao will keep your vibe high, your heart open and your life force strong.

The health benefits

Nutritionally, cacao is packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, zinc and more. To put its nutritional benefits in perspective… a rib-eye steak contains approximately 2.5mg of iron, spinach about 2.7mg, whilst cacao packs a huge 14mg (all per 100g).

Cacao also contains neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators that are already present in our brain such as neropinephrine (the joy molecule), seretonin (the stress buster), dopamine (the pleasure giver), anandamine (the pain moderator), and phenylethylamine (for focus). It’s not unusual to feel a buzz of high after consuming a ceremonial dose.

How to enjoy 

To serve, simply simmer 10-15g of cacao per cup of plant milk and mix with a stick blender or whisk. Cacao is naturally bitter so ensure to sweeten with honey, maple or agave to your liking.

For an additional immunity boost, try adding medicinal mushrooms or 1 drop of Thieves to your next cacao. Double the serving size for a ceremonial dose when engaging in meditation, breathwork, creative projects etc.

Cacao during pregnancy

An appropriate dose of ceremonial grade cacao is 15g day, ideally with a break every few days so the body can metabolise it all out of your system properly. It is important to remember that Cacao is a gentle, but potent plant medicine, and like all medicines, she should be consumed consciously and with awareness, especially when pregnant - always seek advice from your health practitioner.
Minimise consumption in the first trimester, and then gradually have more as the trimesters go on.
Cacao is a safer more gentle alternative to coffee.
*Please consult a naturopath if you're feeling uncertain*