Hello and thank you for being here.
My name is Skye, I am a mother of three beautiful wildlings
living in Brisbane, Australia with my soulmate, Dale. I have a passion for positive
mind-set, especially when it comes to birth.
When I became pregnant with my twins, I wanted to do everything in my power to
make sure I gave them the best chance of entering this world in a calm and safe
environment, where I felt in control of my body and fully informed on all my
choices. Something we unfortunately didn't experience with the birth of our
daughter, Bella-Rose. I left Bella's birth feeling confused and anxious but not
understanding why. It was months before I realised I was suffering from a slight
case of PTSD from the way my birth had played out. After digging deeper I was
completely shocked at how common my story was. When I became pregnant 
again I vowed to do as much research as I could, hire the right team to
support me, and stand in my power.
The fire to drive change and empower women was ignited within me. 
This space is something I needed during my pregnancy with my twins - a space
where you will hear all types of beautiful, positive journeys and advice on all things
birth and motherhood related. To help get you into the right mindset during your
own pregnancy and to hopefully help you achieve the birth of your dreams. I have
learned so much along my journey and my biggest hope in sharing my story, and
others, is to educate and inspire mothers to
believe in themselves when it comes to birth. 
Thank you for joining me on this journey ♡